Employer Services

Whether or not your business has an in-house legal team, Hensel Law may be able to help you with your employment issues. Whether it be conducting an on-site training, reviewing your base employment agreement, or working with your in-house team to ensure that you have competent, employment-focused litigators to help you navigate through the myriad laws that give rise to lawsuits, we can help.


Hensel Law attorneys have seen litigation fromĀ both sides and understand the nuances of employment lawsuits. Employers adopt different approachesĀ depending on risk aversion, litigation meta strategy, and other factors unique to each employer and each case. We understand this, and bring to the table a flexible approach that we will tune to best fit your goals.

If you have in-house counsel, we are happy to lend a pair of eyes to their approach to a case, or to work with them as we take point. As long as you are receiving sound legal advice, we are comfortable in any role.

Other Services

You are an employer, and you have a lot of complexity in your life. We understand, and will provide services such as contract review and on-site training to enable you to comply with all relevant employment laws with minimal headache. Let us know what gives you the most anxiety and we can talk about helping you unload.

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