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Hensel Law provides services for contract drafting, review, and litigation. Whether you are an employer looking to polish up your standard employment agreement or an employee looking to see if your severance package has any hidden landmines, we are here to discuss your employment contract needs.


Contract litigation can be quite technical and is heavily dependent on the terms and construction of the contract at issue. Most employment contract litigation revolves around terms in employment agreements, such as salary, non-competition clauses, and non-solicitation clauses. At Hensel Law, we routinely litigate employment contracts for both plaintiffs and defendants. Whatever your employment contract litigation needs, Hensel Law will look for a way to meet them.


Do you have an old employment agreement that might not be enforceable? Do you need to create new employment documents, such as employee handbooks, from scratch? Do you want to offer severance to an employee but just can’t quite figure out how to protect yourself? Hensel Law handles all of these common employment contract drafting problems, and more.


Whether you are an employer looking to test if your non-compete is breakable or an employee wanting to put your mind to rest before signing on with a company, Hensel Law has you covered. We provide affordable contract review services to employers and employees. As a bonus, if we find something problematic, we can draft the fix!

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