On-Site Training

No business owner wants to go through each day not knowing what they are and are not allowed to say to employees, and not knowing what to tell their managers when they get questions about harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. Unfortunately, the laws can be complicated and confusing, and to learn them on your own from scratch could take more time than you are able to spend on things other than your business. You’re just too busy!

Hensel Law offers on-site training on many employment topics, including all of those for which we are able to represent you. We can help you avoid compliance snafus, reduce the likelihood of litigation, and say the right things to your employees when a situation comes up at the office.

Training sessions can include training for your executives, managers, employees, or any combination thereof. We break down the laws in a way that you can easily understand and digest on a broad level, allowing you to extrapolate what you have learned to a wide range of workplace situations. We can also provide ongoing representation so that you can call us by phone if a particularly tricky issue surfaces.

We have heard from clients that simply knowing what they are and are not allowed to do helps them feel empowered and relieves their anxiety. They tell us that they interact with their employees in a more confident, professional, and authoritative manner, and consequently get more respect. While we certainly hope that is true for everyone, the only way to find out if you can achieve the same results in your business is to give us a call and schedule a training session on your topic of choice.

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